Bee Anderson Honey offers top-quality pure natural honey in the Salt Lake area. We apply decades of experience to harvesting the purest, richest honey from over 100 bee colonies. Our mouth-watering selection includes:
  • Fresh honey: Each season, our bee colonies travel to California and pollinate orchards. They return to Utah where they pollinate additional trees and crops.
  • Raw natural honey: If you’re looking for the best raw honey in the Salt Lake Area your search is over. Our honey is ideal for those wishing to benefit from the many natural advantages of this sweet nectar.

  • Honey is known for:
  • Skincare benefits: The many natural compounds in honey help protect against wrinkles and acne and offer moisturizing and soothing properties to create soft, supple skin. It’s essential for a healthy skincare regimen.
  • Healthcare benefits: Honey helps reduce the risk of heart disease, helps with ulcers and gastrointestinal disorders, improves recovery time and soothes coughs and throat irritation. With so many advantages, who wouldn’t want to add a little honey to their diet?

  • When you are ready to start benefiting from our all-natural product, contact Bee Anderson Honey.
    We offer:
  • Bee farming: We carefully tend over 100 bee colonies to ensure a sweet, natural honey harvest every year. Our expertise comes from decades of experience.
  • Farmers markets: Bee Anderson Honey is primarily found at the Murray Farmers Market in the Fall. Look for our stand, where our friendly staff is happy to answer any questions about the honey-making process.
  • Honey harvesting: We’ve been harvesting honey and providing delicious local selections since 1980. We gather our bees’ raw product, created through pollination of a variety of trees and crops, and supply our customers with the sweetest honey around.

  • To get your next jar of nature’s purest nectar, contact Bee Anderson Honey at 801-966-1385. Supplies are limited, so call today!