Bee Anderson Honey is family owned and operated. We have been harvesting and selling our fresh honey in Salt Lake City since 1980. We harvest and sell several different types of raw honeys, made with our own colonies of happy, well-treated honeybees. These hard workers travel to California, pollinating almond orchards, then return to Utah and pollinate crops around the state. By fall, our bees are ready to harvest some of the most delicious honey around. We offer this delicious creation at farmers markets, and we also sell honey from our home.

Bee Anderson Honey is a proud distributor of the best selection of natural raw honey in Salt Lake City, UT. Our raw honey varieties are ideal for all your honey needs. Spread it on bread, use it as part of your skincare routine and consume it to prevent allergies or dull a sore throat.

Honey has a plethora of benefits we want you to enjoy! Feel free to contact us with any questions or to pick up your jar of honey today. When you receive your honey from our well-attended colonies, you’ll benefit from the many Bee Anderson Honey advantages:
  • We are locally owned and family operated. Our children and grandchildren often help out at the market.
  • We offer fresh, raw honey with unbeatable quality and taste.
  • We’ve been harvesting fresh honey for over 35 years.
  • Our bees are well-treated, happy workers, producing delicious harvests year after year.
  • We provide fresh honey at farmers markets and also sell honey from our home.